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R6 & Exchange Connector Coexistence
~August Bubponelitoden 01/21/2004 01:53 PM
Domino Server 6.0.1 All Platforms


I have installed R6.01 On one machine and have given necessary rights in the names.nsf andcreated the and exchange.bad

while in exchange2000 i have installed exchange connector for lotus notes..with service pack 3 and fixup and have installed R5 Client

when i do show users on domino console..i can see polling for, exchange.bad, but cannot see for names.nsf so in r6 it does not get syncronize.when i am trying to to Directory does not get syncronize..with the names.nsf.

But the same when i test it with Domino R5 works properly...syncronization happens properly...

Could anyone tell me.. why R6 AND Exchange 2000 not getting syncronize.

where the problem lies...


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